Letter Fridge Answers

Word games have become so popular nowadays. The solid reason behind the popularity of such games is that these games increase the memory management, memory efficiency, and memory recall skills.

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Letter Fridge Answers

These games are pretty suitable for adults as well as children because these games contain no violence at all which has become common in many smartphone and PC games.
What is Letter Fridge about?
Letter fridge reflects traditional magnetic alphabets that are placed on the refrigerators to make different words. Letter Fridge game is a simple game that is available at Apple iTunes store as a complete fun package.
An important thing about the Letter Fridge game is that it keeps you involved in the game no matter what your age is. Letter Fridge is totally safe to be played by the children because it is completely violence-free and contains nothing more than knowledge, fun, simplicity, and joy.
It gives your child an opportunity to broaden his English learning, vocabulary and memory skills as this game is all about the learning and exploring.
How to Play Letter Fridge?
Walkthrough of Letter Fridge describes that it is a really simple game with simple rules.
• All you have to do is that make words in the fridge using given alphabets or letters.
• At each level, you have to find the required number of words by arranging the given alphabets of the English language.
• After completing each level, you get points and score.
• The score earned at each level is summed up to complete the chapter and as you complete the chapter, you get special coins.
Chapters of Letter Fridge:
Chapters of the game are named after the fruits
Chapter 1: Apples
Chapter 2: Strawberries
Chapter 3: Bananas
Chapter 4: Grapes
Chapter 3 is the lengthiest chapter of the game.
More chapters are to be added in the latest update of the game.
Details About the game:
You get tips at each level in order to make you play the game more easily. In the beginning, the game runs smoothly as alphabets with easy words appear but as the game progresses the words become difficult and uncommon. You can use hints when you get stuck at some level. Hints are limited in numbers so you must use them with care. Making lengthy words bring more coins for you. You get extra or bonus coins whenever you make lengthy words such as 5 letter worlds etc. These lengthy words are bit difficult to spell and recall as these words are not commonly used. At the end of each level, you get a bonus word. This bonus word comes up with a clue that checks your general knowledge as well. Solving the bonus word provides you with a coin bonus. You feel the classical joy of old fridges from 1990’s to play the game on it. Sound Effects, sliding effects, and Animations are superb to present the game as complete entertainment package. You can place the photo on the photo frame that is right above the fridge and on the shelf.



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