WordScapes answers

If you are fed up being bored and want to start a something interesting but don’t want to waste your precious time by playing those worthless games available on the internet. Then here I present you “Wordscapes”, the best word combining game available on Google play store. One of the amazing word matching games available on the Google play is here. Now Wordscapes is available with the latest update. Wordscapes is the best crosswords game available on the internet with tremendous brain challenging fun. Once you will start playing this game, you will never get bored again. This is an addicting game in which you will learn new words in a fun way. Here is the complete guide to this game. In which I’ll tell you that what’s in the game, what you have to do and when you have to do?
First, open the Google play store on your smartphone, tablet or PC and download the “Wordscapes” game. After downloading it, install it on your device. When you will be finished after installing the game, open it for the first time. This game won’t need any external and extra permissions just like other games. For example, other games demand permissions to access to your device’s camera to take pictures and record videos, the microphone to record sound, contacts and dialer apps to make calls and send text messages.
After launching the game, you will be shown the logo of the game on the upper side of the screen and a loading bar on the bottom of the screen.
After the loading of few seconds, your very first and tutorial round will be launched. In which you will be given three letters and five empty boxes. If we divide our device’s screen into two from the center, then we can say that the given letters will be in the bottom side’s center and the empty boxes will be in the upper side’s center.
In the first round, you have to make 2 words from these three words (T, A, C). In the second round, you will be given with three letters (O, W, N) and have to make 3 words.
This game records your progress and awards you with gold coins on clearing each round. When you will clear a level, you will also be awarded brilliance points.
There are approximately 3440 levels or round in the game that contains thousands of new and tricky words that will for sure enhance your knowledge.
Now you can connect this game with your social media account and can compete with your friends and family members. One of the benefits of connecting the game with your social media account is that you can save your progress online.
For now, this game is available in just one language (English). But the developers are working on this and will upgrade this game soon.
There are teams of programmers and IT experts in the studio waiting for you to play the game and leave the feedback so that they can improve the game.

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