Word Connect answers

Word Connect is an easy to play and fun word game. What you need to do is just to put the best letter to the correct place, and make as many words as you can!

It begins out simply enough, with a little collection of letters and smaller words to be discovered. The quantity of boxes in each word naturally hints at the number of letters in each word, and one can then guess accordingly.

Word Connect answers!

Enter the level number in the box to get the answers!

When a word is gleaned, all one has to perform is gesture trace through the letters to form the imagine word. If the word is rightly spelled, it light up greens and fills out one of the letter sets. If it is an unrecognized word, or it is misspelled, it shows as red. Correct words give points to the players, and if all the words are guessed rightly, the level is completed, and the next one is unlocked.

The game is mainly in English, the puzzles are accessible in a range of languages. This is right for anyone who wants to brush up their vocabulary and fluency on various languages. You can play in German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and French. This adds a big dimension into the game, and if you are trying to learn any of these languages, playing this game will contribute to this cause.

Word Connect presentation is quite good. The user interface is beautiful, and the details are well-made, from the crosswords, blocks, and the full design. Additional, the image hints are in high definition. Overall, you can safely say that the game is well-made, and it sets the level for future word games. Every pixel makes it simple for you to target solely on the puzzles. Unluckily though, there are ads whenever you switch to different pages. There are non-obtrusive, but they can badly affect user experience.

Word Connect is a respectable word game, and definitely something fans of the genre should try out. With a straightforward and intuitive design and gameplay, it is definitely a game you can simply pick up and play. Accessible on Android platforms, provide it a shot and view if it is a game for you.

Connect Word Features

  • Intuitive and smooth interface
  • 3 difficulty levels: hard, medium and easy
  • Six hundred plus levels that will keep your brain energetic, each new level will present you with a different web of words you have to find and as you advance you will better your word expertise and sharpen your mind.
  • Attractive, nice sound effects, stunning game music
  • For each level there are twenty possible word grids and every time you replay the level you can experience a different word grid.
  • Hours of clean brain fun, simple to play, and definitely more challenging as you advance via the levels

Word Connect answers

You can pick up and enjoy Word Connect from either the Google Play Store or iTunes App for your iPad, iPhone, iPod or Android devices adding Samsung gadget for free. If you enjoy this game then tell us about in the comments below and give review on iTunes or Google Play Store.

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