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Pixwords Scenes

Pixwords scenes is another fun game from “Black Maple Games”. Its gaining status each day and we tried our hand at the game to bring you answers as you progress each stage. There are thousands of levels with different scenes of images provided and crossword puzzle showed. The image provides hints of the words to find. The game is release in 27+ languages and here we have the help and tips for completing the English language puzzle.

The images are top standard and perfect containing a broad range of characters, objects, persons, patterns, birds, animals, themes etc which give the needed hints.

The level number is random, so the only way to get the answers is to look for the image you are blocked right now an than clik on it to get the answers.


Main features

  • Capability to switch between lots of different languages and come back to the languages you enjoyed before without downing your progress.
  • Support for portrait mode and landscape – play any way you love
  • Charming graphics and best effects

This word game is standout amongst the most wonderful word games accessible for iOS and Android, which you can play. It is exceptionally supportive with perfect controls and charming visuals to provide you a best time.

This is the best game for you to play. You will be capable to learn a lot of exciting stuff.

pixwords scenes


PixWords scenes is another wonderful game from this PixWords family. What you got to do is find all the words from a crossword where you will get to view in an image. You can pick your own language for enjoying the game or any other language to advance your vocabulary.

Pixwords moves you to illuminate crosswords in which the big piece of information to figure each word is an image. Consequently, each stage highlights the 4 hidden words that you need to guess. Sounds easy, is not that so?

The image will be used as the question where the player must figure out the words on the image utilizing the letters list. It is not all difficult to finish all the levels in this word game.

Switch between languages

The capability to switch between a big range of languages and then come back to the language that you were playing before without down your progress, visual and images effects is the big highlight of this game.

Pick between landscape and portrait mode

Not just that, another amazing thing you will witness is the support for the portrait and the landscape mode. It provides you the choices to play in any mode that you feel like.

All things considered, you will soon discover that it is not that easy. Truth be told, problem increments as you advance.

Use hints

Just in case, you are stuck at some stage in the game, you can go for the hints. You can get to know few letters with the support of coins. Luckily, there is an indication framework that permits you to use in-game coins to “Open first letter”, “open random letter” and present at the picture. Definitely, every hits has a cost which keeps on rising with the increasing choices. Endeavor to have ample coins just on the off chance that you have to utilize one of them.

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