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In the beginning there was just a Tetris variant on the Hagenuk MT-2000 device from 1994 and the all-time Nokia favorite Snake and its variants but now there are all kinds of games suited to your affinities, but if what you like is to put your brain to test and form word combinations Word Guru is the game for you. Because of its amazing characteristics and graphics this game has become one of the most frequent downloads in the app store. . It is the best way you can find to maximize your brain capacity and kill time while you are waiting at your dentist office.

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Word Guru answers

If you have time to kill, word games on your mobile phone are always a great option because they help to build your vocabulary as well as make you more comfortable using new words. Such activities keep us intellectually engaged by getting us to “stretch” our thinking. Unlike timed activities, which offer us a different kind of challenge, word games grab our attention, get us to make new connections, and give us the chance to think outside of our mind’s box.
For this purpose, Word Guru is one of the best picks that you have to your disposition. It doesn’t only have a pleasant and well organized interface but it is also brain challenging. One of the funniest and most recent uses that has been given to this game besides from the entertainment you can get from it, is the foreign language reinforcement. If you are trying to learn English and you want to improve yourself this game is a great option.
The Word Guru game app consists on swiping from your letter bank and creating as many words as possible. This incredible game has millions of levels to test your vocabulary knowledge every day of your life, make you invest your time in the smartest way possible and even connect with other people through this game.
Putting aside all the cognitive benefits this game app provides us there are plenty of features that make this game one of the best you can find in your Google app store. Such as:
How easy it is to operate because of its well-designed interface in which you have to swipe your letters to build words consequently. it is so addictive.
It is packed up with hundreds of exciting levels and millions of words just for your entertainment.
It has got an immense library with bonus words to expand your lexicon to new horizons.
It encourages you to challenge yourself and be competitive by completing your daily challenge and collecting your daily bonus.
Word Guru has no time limits so you can take your time to complete every level in the best way and discover new words in your own pace.
The game has simple and colorful graphics.
Word Guru doesn’t require internet connection, so you can enjoy anywhere you want.
And it can be played in a phone or a tablet.

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