Word Tower Answers

Word tower is a new word search game app. A set of more than 170,000 words is present in this game to check your brain and each word is special. The international leaderboard is part of this game so you can review your scores and match your scores with others. Word Tower is a hundred percent free app and user can play this game in three different modes. According to rules of this application, you have to save the word tower as you can by making words built from the same colors as thirst colors of the primary letter in your word. If you are not capable to match the colors, your tower will be destroyed, so save your tower and you will get your score at the end of the game.

Word Tower will provide you actually 300 seconds to get highest score and during your performance, no new letters will be included. The user can rate this game as a comment to support it. It is present in more than fifteen different languages including Japanese, English, Spanish, Polish, Swedish and others. You will find amazing gameplay experience in the new version of Word Tower.

Simple gameplay
Simple words are placed in puzzle that anyone can find with it
Words can be horizontal, vertical and diagonal, find the word to finish the stage
Do not need network linked. Do not hesitate about your data problem
Do not need to register in or any other unnecessary steps
Also you can fun to play in airplane

Advantages of the game
Use your brain power to clear the stage
Better your brain with the game
Get excitement when you find the secret word
Find the word and better your vocabulary expertise
Beautiful and simple game design
Varity of tower designs provide more fun to play
Enjoy charming and dreamy design

Game tips and tricks
Keep your finger close to the screen
To reduce tapping delays, attempt to hover your finger near to the display. Not too near, however, or you might accidently tap on the display too early. You might have to go through some trial or problem to find the distance that jobs for you.
Tap lightly
There are couple of factors for this: one is that your finger will tire quicker the harder you tap. The next factor is that the game might understand a hard tap as a twin tap and fall the next block before you are ready to locate it.
Every time you center a word rightly, the display will flash. As you continue to rightly place words, the flashes will get bigger and brighter. This is what you want because after a number of successive big flashes, you will get prized with a big block that will act as the base for your ever-rising word tower. A large base means that you have little bit more area for error, which makes it a pretty easier to continue racking points.


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