WordScapes Palm level 10 answers

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If you are fed up being bored and want to start something interesting but don’t want to waste your precious time by playing those worthless games available on the internet, you can play “WordScapes”, the best word-combining game available on Google play store and Itunes.

This game is one of the best word games available on the internet with tremendous brain challenging and fun.

WordScapes Palm level 10

Answers: Drug, Reds, Dues, Sure, Rugs, Used, Urge, Sued, User, Surge, Ruse, Urged, Surged
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WordScapes Palm level 10

There are approximately 5000 levels in the game that contains thousands of new and tricky words that will for sure enhance your knowledge. For now, this game is available in just one language; English. We hope in the future this game to be available in other languages.